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WOW Looks for Bending Gender Balance in City Hall

Former ChicagoTalks reporter and editor Ellyn Fortino reports that a new Chicago organization, Women Organizing Women (WOW) is hosting a “Women Against the Machine” town hall meeting on January 10

The event will feature 16 women who are running for alderman and are progressive and independent from the “machine.” Read on for details.


Non-incumbent, female candidates who are invited include: Ronda Locke, Anne Shaw in the 1st Ward; Stacey Pfingsten (2nd Ward); Tara Baldridge (8th Ward); Olga Bautista (10th Ward); Susan Sadlowski Garza (10th Ward); Maureen Sullivan (11th Ward); Guadalupe Rivera (16th Ward); CM Winters (21st Ward); Juanita Irizarry (26th Ward); Tammie Vinson (28th Ward); Zerlina Smith (29th Ward); Irma Cornier (31st Ward); Tara Stamps (37th Ward); Dianne Daleiden (40th Ward); and Denice Davis (46th Ward).

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