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ChicagoTalks is a non-profit, local news source for Chicago and its many neighborhoods. Our stories come from all corners of the city; our reporters are young journalists learning to cover their communities and the people within them with a story to tell. Founded in the fall of 2006 by Columbia College Chicago professors Barbara Iverson and Suzanne McBride, with grants from J-Lab and the Knight Foundation, were able to jumpstart the news site and become a working lab for journalism students.  Columbia College continues to support and its sister publication,

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of ChicagoTalks, we continue to publish the works of thriving journalism students who specialize in editing, blogging, photography, and social media. Our goal is to showcase the voices of talented, aspiring writers in addition to adding experience as well as material to their resume and portfolio. We welcome students to submit work outside of class material therefore their work is not limited. ChicagoTalks gives journalists the tools to jumpstart career opportunities within their area of interest and continues to be a space for creativity. 



Image courtesy of Olivia Covey

Olivia Covey is a senior at Columbia College Chicago pursuing a degree in journalism with a focus on magazine writing and editing. Her work can be found in FRANK Magazine and Echo Magazine as well as ChicagoTalks. She hopes to go on to be a magazine writer and eventually become an editor. She also has her own blog where she posts opinions and analytical pieces. ChicagoTalks has been a crucial part in Olivia’s journey as a writer and she is excited to help other young writers start their journeys as well. When she’s not writing, Olivia enjoys reading, scrolling on Pinterest and binge watching shows on Netflix.

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