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ChicagoTalks is a non-profit, local news source for Chicago and its many neighborhoods. Our stories come from all corners of the city; our reporters are young journalists learning to cover their communities and community people with a story to tell. It was started in 2006 by Barbara Iverson and Suzanne McBride with grants from J-Lab and the Knight Foundation, to be a working lab for journalism students as well as a community and citizen news site. Columbia College continues to support and its sister publication,

ChicagoTalks is a place where video reporters polish their writing, where a writer can try being a photographer, where you can promote your friend’s band, where you can be a reviewer, a technology writer — in other words, it is a place to establish your voice and range as a journalist and communicator. Because ChicagoTalks is edited, a published story is more than a blog entry or vanity post.

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photo taken by: Ejai Cook

Gabrielle Russell is a senior at Columbia College Chicago pursuing a degree in Journalism with a focus on TV broadcasting. Gabrielle’s main areas of interests are Arts & Culture and Entertainment. She has had work published in True Star Magazine, authored her own fashion column in Coast 2 Coast Magazine, modeled in ECHO magazine and was a blogger/contributing writer for MILQ Magazine. Her work has also been published in ChicagoTalks. With plans to be a TV host in the entertainment industry and a fashion editor, Gabrielle is currently the founder and editor of her own site called It’s Not, Not Wine, as well as her YouTube channel, “I, Gabrielle London.”Her hobbies include writing poetry, painting and trying new restaurants in the city.

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