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ChicagoTalks is a non-profit, local news source for Chicago and its many neighborhoods. Our stories come from all corners of the city; our reporters are young journalists learning to cover their communities and community people with a story to tell. It was started in 2006 by Barbara Iverson and Suzanne McBride with grants from J-Lab and the Knight Foundation, to be a working lab for journalism students as well as a community and citizen news site. Columbia College continues to support and its sister publication,

ChicagoTalks is a place where video reporters polish their writing, where a writer can try being a photographer, where you can promote your friend’s band, where you can be a reviewer, a technology writer — in other words, it is a place to establish your voice and range as a journalist and communicator. Because ChicagoTalks is edited, a published story is more than a blog entry or vanity post.

Contact the ChicagoTalks editor, Isabel Colado, by emailing