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Local Business Offers Chicago Art Hunt Adventure

Bottle & Bottega Facebook Page banner.
Bottle & Bottega Facebook Page banner.

Bottle & Bottega is sending local Chicago residents scavenging for artistic treasures. The Art Hunt, which is open to the public, features eight local artists’ paintings that are hidden throughout many of Chicago’s chic dining venues.

Starting Monday, September 8, clues about where each of the eight art pieces are hidden will be posted to both of Bottle & Bottega’s Chicago Facebook pages: and

As the clues are posted throughout the week, winners simply take a photo of their art discovery and post it to the correlating Bottle & Bottega Chicago Facebook page. The first to find a painting, wins the painting and two free tickets to an upcoming Bottle & Bottega public party.

Lakeview Art Hunt - Launch Graphic[pullquote]ABOUT BOTTLE & BOTTEGA
A stroke of artistic genius paints a totally new picture of what is possible when friends, couples or colleagues get together for a Bottle & Bottega art party — an experience unlike any other. One part artistic adventure and one part cocktail party, Bottle & Bottega inspires the inner artist in everyone regardless of skill or practice, through a blend of hands-on art sessions, on-site professional instruction and, of course, a glass of your favorite wine. Bottle & Bottega paint and wine parties are perfect for individuals, couples and groups of all sizes for a variety of personal and professional occasions.[/pullquote]

The art pieces will be in plain sight within each venue, and the posted clues will be fairly simple. Bottle & Bottega Chicago also invites all who seek to add a bit of adventure into their search for attractive art to join the fun and uncover the paintings in unexpected venues.

For more information about Bottle & Bottega Chicago and to book your next event, call (773) 313-9133, email, or visit


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