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Posts tagged as “Tax increment financing”

Crains Reports Unique Profit-Sharing TIF Proposal

Andrew L. Wang, reporting for Crain’s details a proposal in front of the Chicago City Council to approve a tax-increment financing grant to Experimur LLC, from…

Chicago’s TIF “Slush Fund” Causes Brain Freeze

The Grassroots Collaborative recently introduced the Responsible Budget Ordinance (RBO), which presents a plan to return hundreds of millions of dollars to the city's budget, schools, parks, and libraries; thus, helping to address the enormous budget crises facing Chicago with a revenue solution over job cuts.

TIF Surplus Met With Questions from Aldermen

Carole Brown, chair of Chicago’s TIF Reform Task Force, said Monday that the city has approximately $100 million in surplus TIF money, which should be…

Roseland One Step Closer to Full-Service Grocery Store

Roseland and West Pullman residents are one step closer to their first full-service grocery store. Chicago Plan Commissioners unanimously approved the construction of a retail…