Chicagoans to Watch

The CMI Department is proud to feature the work of Magazine Editing and Magazine Profile Writing classes. These websites – created by journalism students this past fall – highlight creative and up-and-coming Chicagoans.  

“Beyond LGBT, Adding to the Acronym“ spotlights a group of Chicagoans who live at the far end of the LGBTIA+ spectrum – queer, intersex, asexual and beyond – as they share their stories of self-discovery, hardship and acceptance.

“The Disabilities Project“ series explores the lives of five Chicagoans whose experiences with a disability have shaped them, whether it’s through a powerful friendship, a thriving career or a strong family bond.

Also, check out these previous series from past semesters:

“Chicago Podcasters” tunes in local podcasters who have joined the audio revolution, from two guys who dreamed up their own Wild West town to a pair of women who can’t stop talking about the city.

“Keeping it Colorful” highlights a group of inspired and inspirational women of color in the arts and entertainment, such as two Latina comedians who poke fun at stereotypes and an African-American writer/filmmaker who taps into her ethnicity to tell stories.

“Crowdfunded Chicago: Five dreams, one city” rounds up entrepreneurs and artists who got a kickstart from crowdfunding. They include two inventors dedicated to greener technology, an artist who uses spray-paint to make people smile and a designer who found inspiration in a flower shop.