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2009 Illinois General Assembly Scholarships

Published Day One

  1. One Scholarship, 163 Ways to Dole It Out by Elida Coseri and Patrick Smith
  2. Evasive State Legislators Dodge Questions About Scholarships by Karlie Baker
  3. Clout or Coincidence? Some Legislators Keep General Assembly Scholarships All in the Family by Jeremie Benoit Rosley
  4. Scholarships for Some Grad Students a Big Burden for State and Schools by Sean Stillmaker

Published Day Two

  1. Some Lawmakers Turn a Right into a Requirement by Laura Lane
  2. Nobody’s Watching: Illinois Lawmakers Alone Decide How to Give Millions by Jay Grooms
  3. No Method to the Madness: State Scholarships Award Some Students More than Others by Nicholas Myers
  4. Students’ Free Ride Proves Costly to Their Classmates by Nicole Leonhardt

Published Day Three

  1. State Legislative Scholarships Could Be Eliminated by Emily Capdevielle

Follow-up Stories

  1. State Government Requires Schools to Waive Millions by Nicole Leonhardt.
    61 Legislators Violated the Legislative Scholarship Program, and Everyone’s Pointing Fingers by Nicole Leonhardt

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