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Are you Kachingling Us Yet? CJR checks up on Kachingle

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Barbara Iverson, founder of the nonprofit local news site Chicagotalks, has used Kachingle since this past January… Iverson still likes the idea so much that she recorded a promotional video for Kachingle’s home page. “I think this is an idea that’s going to come within the next five years,” Iverson said. “I just expected it a lot sooner.”

What Iverson loves about Kachingle in particular, as opposed to something like a PayPal tip jar, is that it’s completely mindless. Once you sign up for a Kachingle account, that’s the last time you ever have to visit the Kachingle page. You don’t have to sign in to PayPal each time you visit a page, and you don’t have to decide what amount or percentage of money you would like to donate.

via Checking In on Kachingle : CJR.

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