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Send us your story

  1. Register for Chicagotalks. Use or set up your display name – that will show up in the byline.
  2. Login
  3. From your dashboard, choose “New Post”
  4. Write or copy/paste your work into the post’s text box
  5. Add links, images, and video (note you must upload your video to vimeo, youtube,, or first, then just click on the right video icon, and paste the URL of the video.)
  6. Choose the best category or categories for your story (this is like figuring out where your story belongs in a Table of Contents)
  7. Add some tags. These are the terms that someone would type in a search engine, and end up finding your story.
  8. Publish your story – it will go into the editor’s queue and be published after it is edited.
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