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GALLERY: The CPS strike so far

Now in its 10th day, the 2019 Chicago Public Schools strike has entered historical territory — as of Monday, this is officially the longest public school strike in Chicago since 1987.  While the Service Employees International Union Local 73 reached a deal with the city late Sunday, the Chicago Teachers Union has yet to do so, leaving classes canceled for the 10th day Wednesday.  After marathon talks over the weekend, CTU and the city remained locked in a stalemate.  Organized protests continued Tuesday, and talks between CTU and the city continued Wednesday.

While the story continues to develop, here’s a look at the strike so far:

The Strike So Far

The Strike So Far


Hawthorne Scholastic Academy patrons, wearing red to represent solidarity, extend their protest down the length of the block on day one of the Chicago Teachers Union strike, Oct. 17. | Summer Hoagland-Abernathy


Maressa Spinack, special education teacher and CTU representative for Hawthorne Scholastic Academy, says the school is striking for less fortunate schools who do not have enough funding for support staff and student aides, Oct. 17. | Summer Hoagland-Abernathy


Luz Ryerson, not yet in school; Zeke John, first grade; Viviana Love, kindergarten; and Lucy Lemp, first grade, create signs for the CTU strike at Hawthorne Scholastic Academy. The children are with parents — some educators and some activists — who are supporting the strike, Oct. 17. | Summer H...


Picket signs in front of Goethe Elementary School, 2236 N. Rockwell St., in Logan Square, Chicago, Oct. 17. | Julia Greene


Goethe Elementary School teachers and staff gather outside of the school to picket from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m. on the first day of the CTU strike, Oct 17. | Julia Greene


Chicago Public School teachers and member’s of the CTU picket outside Goethe Elementary for more support staff and smaller class sizes in schools, Oct. 17. | Julia Greene


Teacher Delcy Perez strikes for Norman Bridge Elementary in the Chicago Loop, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


Maria Ornales, a teacher at Dawes Elementary School, strikes with a handmade sign in the Chicago Loop, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


Julie Norman, who teaches first grade band and sciences strikes with first grade students Dylan and Olivia Dunag, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


Also striking in the Chicago Loop is Craig Cleve, who teaches seventh and eighth grade bilingual classes at Columbia Explorers Academy, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


Fourth-grade teacher at the Dewey School of Excellencet strikes in the Chicago Loop with a Taylor Swfit-themed sign, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


John Boggs and Carolyn Zurkawicz, teachers at Bogan High School, strike in the Chicago Loop with Buddha the dog, Oct. 17. | Paige Barnes


Woman adds to sounds of protest in front of the James R. Thompson Center as speakers begin to take the stage, Oct. 23 | Jimi Hargraves


Picketers face the stage as the speakers begin in front of the James R. Thompson Center, Oct. 23 | Jimi Hargraves


Children — not in school due to the strike — embrace in the middle of the picketing in front the Richard J. Daley Center, Oct. 23 | Jimi Hargraves


Hundreds of strikers march to Lincoln Yards from the Damen CTA Blue Line stop, Oct. 29. | Mari Devereaux


Strikers carry handmade signs as they march, Oct. 29. | Mari Devereaux


CTU teachers attend Rally for Revenue strike at 8 a.m. Tues, Oct. 29 to demand funding for a “fair contract.” | Summer Hoagland-Abernathy

This gallery will update with new photos as the CPS strike continues.  

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