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Floof: The solo debut of a young musician

GROWING UP AS a son of Stephen Burns, a well-known trumpet virtuoso, Eddie Burns has been surrounded by music his entire life.

As a drummer of the group Clairo, Burns has performed in different spaces around the world. At 20, under his solo stage name, ‘Floof,’ he recently had his first solo performance that took place at Wicker Park’s “Subterranean” in Chicago. But what does it feel like?

“I’m just really excited to share everything and just do me ‘cause I don’t get to [do that a lot],” Burns said of how it feels to perform as Floof, “I drum a lot, I produce a lot, but that is less vulnerable than what I’m about to do. I’m very excited.”

A jazz lover, Burns brought 11 friends on stage with him to perform, including three backup vocals, three singers he’s collaborated with, his twin brother who plays the piano, and his four band mates. “I get to share the stage with everyone I love.”

He had not performed on stage before with Shawnee Dez, whom he met at one of her performances at the Soho House and has collaborated with since in studio; Ashlee Linton, singing backup for the night; or Sam Hudgens, another singer and musician.

In the audience were even more friends of Burns, as well as his parents and other family friends. “I wish I could have every single person here, but that’s a lot of people,” said Burns.

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