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Chicago artist discusses creation of the Iraq Suicide Attack Project

March 5, 2009 – Chicago Talks interviews Benjamin June, the creator of the Iraq Suicide Attack Project. His work is currently on display at the Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery on 3219 S. Morgan Street, Chicago, Ill.

Iraq Suicide Attack Project–March 4, 2009 from Jennifer T. Lacey on Vimeo

June was inspired to create his "Iraq Suicide Attack Pillow Project" after listening to a NPR interview with Mohammed M. Hafez, author of "Suicide Bombers in Iraq."  June wanted to create an installation, which explores the physical intimacy of the suicide bombers with their victims yet, highlight the brutal impact of the war in Iraq. He has completed 1428 pillows to date. His work has been displayed at the Flatfile Galleries and is currently on display at the Co-Prosperity Sphere Gallery in Chicago. June is a Seattle native who received his B.F.A. in Ceramic Art From the University of Washington.

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