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Pass the paddle-Chicago’s BDSM community led by powerful women


Contrary to Fifty Shades of Greythe BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism) community in Chicago is lead by powerful women.

Elena Croft, 33, hosts one of the longest running fetish nights in Chicago at Exit Bar called Bondage A Go-Go in Uptown. Croft and her partner, Lupe Castel, welcome newcomers and veterans to observe or participate in live BDSM scenes involving knife play, hot wax, whipping, and spanking.

“We love the energy of the crowd watching,” Croft says. “It is a very accepting and welcoming community. We don’t care what the f**k you look like. I have never felt like an outcast at these events.”

“Goddess Venus,” 43, is a freelance Dominatrix who practices a bit more of a private clientele-based BDSM lifestyle. She is also a supporter of Bondage a Go-Go and plays scenes with attendees at the event along with Croft. “I think the BDSM lifestyle is honest and healthy,” Venus says. “I would rather have a guy asking  me to dress up in little girls clothes, put my hair in pigtails and take out his fantasy that way, as opposed to wait outside a little girls school and hurt someone. I’m a professional and I am a grown woman.”

“Domina,” founder of Carpe Omnia, a BDSM lifestyle club, hosted a successful event last Nov. 28 called Spanksgiving, where she showcased other powerful women’s talents.

“Women look up to me and always ask me how I do things, and if I can teach them my ways to be more powerful,” says Domina, who hosts weekly and monthly events throughout the city at her club. “You just have to believe in yourself and stop second guessing yourself.”

Video contains partial nudity. 

VIDEO/Anastacia Favela


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