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Gang Member Found Guilty of Attempted Murder of Two Police Officers

Chicago police car
Chicago police car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Chicago gang member who was charged with two counts of attempted murder for shooting two police officers in 2011 has been found guilty.

Prosecutors said Alvis Holley, a 28-year-old member of the Black Souls street gang, shot the officers in the West Garfield Park neighborhood after he pulled a pistol from his waistband during a struggle.

During the four-day trial, one of the officers, Jeffrey Friedlieb, testified he was working the night of July 18, 2011 in plain clothing with his partner, Ruben Del Valle.

Friedlieb testified that around 10:45 p.m. he and Del Valle became suspicious of a drug transaction between two men in the alley between Adams and Wilcox streets and pulled their unmarked squad car up next to the alley near the two men.

Friedlieb testified he began a brief conversation with one of the men through the window of the car but later got out of the vehicle in order to identify himself as an officer.

Friedlieb testified that the man began to fight with the officers and said he believes Holley fired three shots with a black revolver.

“I saw the gun,” Friedlieb said. “It was approximately 3 feet in front of me. I cussed and dropped to the ground.”

Friedlieb was shot in the head behind his left ear but managed to call for help on his radio.

Officer Kathleen Gruber testified she was on duty the night of the shooting and drove to the area, where she found Friedlieb seated on the ground in the alley. She drove both officers to Stroger Hospital, where they were treated.

Friedlieb said the bullet will remain lodged in his head for life, and causes constant headaches,  trouble with balance and partial hearing loss in his left ear. He said after the incident he has also suffered from nightmares and PTSD.

Holley will be sentenced on Oct. 22, and faces up to 90 years in prison.

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