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Garage to Grant Park; Twin Peaks to Play Lollapalooza 2015

The Chicago-based band Twin Peaks will be recording at, as lead-vocalist Cadien Lake James puts it, a “slightly-remote location” in preparation for the band’s highly anticipated debut at Lollapalooza 2015 this weekend.

Twin Peaks will be performing at music festival being held in Grant Park this coming Sunday at 1:30 P.M. The band, which shares the name of the iconic 90’s television show – for no other reason than it sounds cool – formed in 2009 while the members were in high school.Band

After graduation in 2013 the four member band broke up before realizing that music was their true calling and reunited after only one semester of college.

Consisting of the vocalist/guitarist James, guitarist Clay Frankel, drummer Connor Brodner and bassist Jack Dolan, Twin Peaks has a unique sound.

A combination of 1960’s garage rock and garage punk, some fans such as Maggie Riley— who has seen the band play three times— compare them to The Orwells and Cherry Glazerr.

Ever since they performed for the first time as freshmen in high school, Twin Peaks has wanted to perform at Lollapalooza. James remembers watching shows at Lollapalooza and hoping one day he would be on the stage. Some members of the band even confessed to hopping fences and sneaking into the show when they couldn’t get tickets.

“I saw The Strokes my junior year, which was a blast,” James said. “I remember watching my brother play with Smith Westerns from the side of the stage and thinking ‘I wanna do this.’”

Twin Peaks released its debut album Sunken in 2013 on Autumn Tone Records and has since been on the rise. The band has played all over the United States, other countries and large festivals including Riot Fest in 2013 and Pitchfork in 2014.

Twin Peaks is one of only a few Chicago bands out of 141 acts performing at the three-day festival and it is a big deal for the local group to be asked to perform on one of Lollapalooza’s eight stages.

James said playing Lollapalooza is “an honor, the biggest hometown fest.”

Others on the scene agree with him, including Mario Cuomo, lead man of Chicago-based band The Orwells.

“It should be based on accomplishments and the size of the artists’ fan base,” Cuomo said.

The Orwells played Lollapalooza in 2013 and Cuomo said he knows how hard Twin Peaks has worked to gain the spot.

Twin Peaks followed its debut album with the 2014 release of Wild Onion. Between the two albums fans have seen a progression of the band’s sound.

The change between albums is simple said Daniel Jenks. a senior at Oak Park and River Forest High School. Jenks has followed Twin Peaks for years and has attended many Twin Peaks shows.

“They went from super lo fi to . . . a more sophisticated sound,” Jenks said. “Same kind of energy I feel, though.”

That energy will be shared with the thousands of fortunate attendees who were able to score Lollapalooza tickets before they sold out less than an hour after going on sale.

While not having tickets didn’t stop Twin Peaks when they were in high school, if you don’t have a ticket, we do not recommend hopping the fence.

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