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Chicago voters choose based on policy

In an election season teeming with ads attacking candidates running for big-time offices, voters in the Chicago area lined up to decide whose campaigns and whose efforts were good enough Tuesday.

The 2nd ward polling place, located on the 1200 block of State St., had a consistent stream of voters coming and going through their revolving doors. Their vote , along with other city and downstate voters, will determine who, between incumbent Pat Quinn and businessman turned politician Bruce Rauner, will become Illinois governor. Their votes will also determine who will hold positions in other prominent Illinois offices like Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General and a United States Senator.

Trebor Newson, a security guard that works in the area, said his decision to vote for Quinn was largely due to Rauner’s position on equal pay in the workforce and the attention he pays towards underprivileged citizens in Illinois.

“He doesn’t seem to care about people who are disadvantaged or need a helping hand,” Newson said. “He’s not a person I would consider as helpful to the poor communities. He says he’s going to do something, but he never says what. He says he’s going to help, but what does that mean?”

Many voters exiting the State Street location felt Quinn and his policies were the best option for the state, but a few few believed Quinn is to blame for the debt and pension issues handicapping the state. Nancy McCormick, a stay home mother, said Rauner is the best option to help Illinois address these issues.

“Rauner isn’t a perfect candidate,” McCormick said. “He’s also not the one who allowed the state to get to this point. I don’t agree with everything he stands for, but at this point it’s choosing between the lesser of two evils.”

While voters are choosing between who they feel will help Illinois best, local candidates and their supporters are taking advantage of voting polls to gather signatures for the aldermanic races in 2015.

Ann Clemmings, a volunteer for Caroline Vickrey who’s running against 43rd Ward incumbent Michele Smith, said while this particular election is winding down it’s important to look towards the next bout of elections coming to Chicago.

“There are four candidates running on the ballot against [Smith,]” Clemmings said. “People are that disappointed and angered over the decisions she’s been making as an alderman. So while it’s important that people vote for this election, it’s important that they’re aware of whom to vote for in February as well.

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