Catching Up with Oliver Stone at the Chicago Film Festival

The 3-time Oscar-winning Hollywood legendary director Oliver Stone visited Chicago on October 12. He was promoting new director’s cuts of  “Alexander the Great” and “Natural Born Killers” at the Chicago International Film Festival.

Columbia College Chicago student Meiling Jin asked Stone about the director’s cuts and why these two films are so special for him, as well as additional questions about his film plans in China and his 12-hour documentary, “The Untold History of the United States,” which is available now in China.

Stone’s new documentary  film, which covers events from 1898 to 2013, is a very radical film, yet Stone is not afraid to push the limit. Stone says the film “…makes bitter dark fun of the United States and its culture of violence…and the perversion of the culture.”

Please enjoy the exclusive report from ChicagoTalks’ reporter Meiling Jin.

Studio Meiling Exclusive: Oliver Stone 奥利弗斯通专访
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