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Fashion Flair: Myths about Wearing a Salwar Kameez

Buy Salwar Studio Multi Color Unstitched Salwar Kameez With Dupatta Ga-2023 Price and Features.Shop  Salwar Studio Multi Color Unstitched Salwar Kameez With Dupatta Ga-2023 Online.The salwar kameez is perhaps the most widely preferred ethnic wear in India and in several other neighboring countries. You wear them to parties, social gatherings, and religious functions. You can also wear the toned down, simpler versions for business meetings or at your workplace. Most of us have several sets to choose from; and we end up choosing on the basis of suitability for the occasion, comfort quotient and so on.

Myths that Shroud this Indian Costume

Despite the undisputed popularity of this attire, the modern generation has fallen victim to certain bizarre myths shrouding it! We attempt to bust some of the most common and the most bizarre ones.

Myth 1: Salwar suits are only meant for formal gatherings! —Well, this is nothing but a gross myth! And when you buy your salwar kameez online, you will know exactly what this means! Just go through the entire range of options and you’ll know that there are several casual designs on offer as well. You can pair up trendy kurtis with leggings or even sport a short kurta with a simply designed Patiala for a casual event. Choose designs that are in fashion, for a cool chic look.

Myth 2: It’s Just the Kameez that’s important!Many of us concentrate on just the top wear, when selecting our sets. All aspects, including the design, the cut, the sleeves, the embroidery and even the sleeves are looked into. Hardly any amount of thought goes into choosing the bottom wear! Just checking on the color compatibility is simply not enough. The comprehensive appeal of a complete set depends as much on the bottom wear.

You need to consider the type and design of the bottom-wear as well. For instance, a Patiala would be absolutely unsuitable for you, if you are short and stout. Similarly, churidaars aren’t best suited for those with pencil thin legs. And, the fitting needs to be perfect too. It looks practically ugly and unkempt, if the pleats do not fit snugly and are not in sequence. So, the next time you choose one such set, make sure you check the bottom wear as well.

Shalwar kameez.
Shalwar kameez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Myth 3: One can never look sexy in one of these!So, even if you spend on a designer salwar kameez, you can look dressy at best, right? How can an Indian Patiala suit or an Anarkali dress be sexy? Well, it sure can! Just check out some of our Bollywood movies for inspiration.

The actresses not only sport these ensembles in style, they ooze sex appeal too! The catch is to choose a perfectly fitted garment. The choice of fabric should be right as well. For instance, chiffons would be a better choice in comparison to cottons, if you are planning to look sexy! Similarly, the cut of your Anarkali suits would have to be chosen right, so that the best of your features can be accentuated. Remember, not every one of us are blessed with a perfect hourglass figure! However, we can still look sexy with the right choice of outfit!

Myth 4: The Dupatta is unnecessary and hardly of significance! –If you think it is unnecessary, know for a fact that this delicately designed piece of cloth is just as important as the primary ensemble. Besides, how you carry it is also as important! Check out online pictures for a fair idea of how you should be sporting your dupatta in style. Just draping it over your shoulders in mundane fashion would hardly do justice to it.


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