May Day 2014: CCC Mobile Unit

Reporting live from Haymarket Square moving south on Desplaines St. toward the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Headquarters, we bring you with the marchers.

-Mobile Command Unit 1: Ariana Pup, Ashley Smith, Margaret Mahar, Baxter Barrowcliff, Kamil Szalewicz

-Front of Mayday parade protest

-The leader of the chants from MCU1 Member James Sanchez

-On the ground at ICE

-The March on ICE Courtesy of: MCU2 Joachim Jocson & Alexis Thompson

-From Ariana Pup

-Mobile Unit 1 Member Ariana Pup

-Ariana Pup on site


-Occupy Naperville from MCU 1 James Sanchez

-MCU1 Team Member Baxter Barrowcliff

-From the MCU 1

-On the ground

-On the ground from MCU1 Kamil Szalewicz

-Obama We Demand Daca for All

-From James Sanchez

-MCU1 Member Ashley Smith on the ground

-Stop Deportations with MCU1 Member Ashley Smith

-In front of ICE HQ Courtesy of MCU2 Member Joachim Jocson

-From James Sanchez

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