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Fewer Incidents, More Arrests in Ashburn, But Violence Remains a Problem

From March 26 to April 22, there were 1,020 calls for service this year compared to 1,096 calls for service in the same period last year, police said.  That is 8 percent fewer incidents than in the previous year. There were 27 percent more arrests in 2014,  with 46 arrests this year, compared to 36 last year in that same time period, according to police reports.

While the trend is moving in the right direction, the details of several incidents as reported by the police at the CAPS meeting are alarming.

One person was shot after a group of people got into an argument in a restaurant. The shooting occurred on 84th and Kedzie Streets, officers said at a recent CAPS meeting in the Ashburn neighborhood.

“I saw four characters that didn’t look very savory to me,” Kevin Glover, chief of staff for Alderman’s office, said. “I pulled my car over and I called the police.”[pullquote]About Ashburn[/pullquote]

A sociology study of Ashburn neighborhood found crime was an issue.
A sociology study of Ashburn neighborhood found crime was an issue.

Glover said he was worried that something bad may occur.

“I stated that I had a feeling that something is about to happen,” Glover said. “By the time I came back from work, the police were out there and the crime tape was up.”

Prior to the shooting, the four people had gotten into an argument with some patrons in the restaurant. The people involved in the argument left and returned later, saw them in the restaurant and started shooting, said Chicago Police Department Officer Davis, a beat officer for beat 835.

“The two offenders were able to escape, and they fled in a vehicle,” Davis said. “They saw them in the restaurant, and they shot them from across the street.”

Another incident involved two robberies, police said.

One of the robberies took place in beat 834 and the other took place in beat 835.

“They broke into the home in beat 834 but in beat 835, they weren’t able to get in,” Davis said. “There was a chain in front of the window, so they weren’t able to break in.”

“They fled and then the police started chasing them,” Davis said. “They hit a car on 79th and Western and they started to run, but we caught up to them.”

Another incident involved an apparent fight. at Dunkin’ Donuts on 87th and Kedzie Streets, police said.

“The fight took place around 3:40 p.m., and it was very chaotic in the parking lot,” Karen Anderson, resident, said.

“I saw four people fighting, but I heard that there were a lot more,” Glover said.

“I saw them all get into their cars and just drive off,” Anderson said. “Then I saw one of the fighters running and he was going toward Ultra Foods.”

Police detailed another incident involving a shooting near a gangway. The shooting took place on 80th and Albany Streets.

“There were five black men sitting in a vehicle, and someone asked them for $20,” Davis said. “Someone came out of a gangway and just started shooting.”

“No one was shot but the car they were driving was damaged by the gunfire,” Davis said. “They weren’t able to tell us who the shooter was, but we are pretty sure they know who shot at them.”

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