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Jones College Prep High School’s January LSC Meeting

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Jones College Prep High School

Jones College Prep High School special education students are seeing a bit clearer since they received free glasses in December. Special education teacher Alexandra Guerrero shared with members of the Local School Council Jan. 14 the assistance her students received.

“Some of the students are still trying to figure out how to use them,” Guerrero said.

The students received their glasses at a yearly doctor visit at an event called MedFest held every October at the United Center. Doctors check the athlete’s blood pressure, height, weight and eyesight. The event is mandatory for any student hoping to participate in Special Olympics.

Students also got the chance to watch the Blackhawks practice on the ice while they saw their doctor.

“Doctors volunteer to do the check-ups,” said Guerrero.

Although there is no cost to students, it takes up to two months for them to receive their glasses.

Guerrero said the students look forward to the three-day competition year-round.

“Thirty of our 32 students participate,” she said. “And they always bring home a gold, silver or bronze [medal].”

There’s something the team still needs said Guerrero: the students don’t have any type of jersey.

“It would be nice to have something for them to wear to represent the school,” she said. “Something simple: just a jersey with ‘Jones College Prep’ on the front.”

JCP principal Joseph Powers said the team would have uniforms and Friends of Jones, a school volunteer organization made of parents and teachers, would be willing to pay for the jerseys.

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