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Top Five Mattress Stores in Chicago

Ever have those days when the last thing you want to do is get out of bed?

Whether it’s because of a stressful work day ahead, a bone-deep fatigue caused by stress, or just no desire to face the world around you, your comfortable bed just looks too wonderful to leave. If only the world worked that way, right? Up and out of bed you get, and you’re off to start your day.

When you get back to your bed, it’s just wonderful to feel comfortable and relaxed – something only a good mattress can provide. If your bed has seen many good years of use, it may be time to replace it. Check out these top Chicago stores when it comes time to get a new mattress.


Back to Bed

2000 N. Clybourn Ave. (between Racine Avenue & Magnolia Avenue)
(773) 665-0600

The name of the store describes exactly what you want to be doing, and it’s a great place to be if you’re looking for a good new bed. They claim to offer the lowest prices in Chicagoland, and you’ll see that their price tags prove that they’re not too far off.

You’ll find the top brands here – Tempurpedic memory foam beds, Sealy innerspring beds, Stearns & Foster box spring beds, and more. Get help from a friendly staff member at this store, and rest assured that you’ll walk out of there feeling content with your new bed. With a 5-star rating on Yelp, you can be pretty sure that this mattress store is the place to go for top mattress brands.


Sleep City

3154 N. Clark St. (between Barry Avenue & Belmont Avenue)
(773) 697-5200

Want simple, no nonsense advice on the perfect bed for you? To cut through all the “perks” and “frills” that come with mattresses, Sleep City is the Dr. Phil of mattress stores – where your bed shopping experience “gets real”.

Get help finding the right mattress for you, and enjoy the sweet discount you get when you mention that you found out about their store on Yelp (read the reviews here…). You’ll love the punctual shipping service, and your bed will be set up and ready for a good night’s sleep in record time thanks to their team of delivery personnel.

Find quality beds at an affordable price, or go for luxury – your options are as close as it gets to unlimited here.


The Bedding Experts

3145 N. Halsted St. (between California Terrace & Briar Place)

(773) 871-3636

Not sure what type of bed you need? Got back problems, insomnia, joint pains, a partner that moves around a lot, a tendency to sleep hot at night, or some other problem that makes sleeping on a regular bed a problem? Come on down to The Bedding Experts on North Halsted, and get help finding the perfect bed for you.

You’ll find the sales personnel are quite human – not the sales-pushing machines you find in so many large department stores – and they’ll be happy to help you out. Enjoy the low prices (where else can you find a bed for just $119?), and test their policy to offer 10 percent off any of their competitors’ prices.

For quality service and affordable beds, The Bedding Experts have got your back. You can find top name brands like Sealy, BeautyRest and Tempur-Pedic mattresses here – but at shockingly low prices.


Far Below Retail

919 N. Larrabee St. (between Crosby Street & Kingsbury Street)
(312) 867-4929

While this may be a general furniture store, they certainly know how to do beds right. They don’t sell any of their own products, but they’re simply licensed to sell the products made by Coaster Fine Furniture – a U.S.-based mattress manufacturer. They don’t have as much variety as you might like – most of their beds are memory foam. But, they have a few innerspring mattresses made by King Koil.

The store is a simple one, with no frills or time-wasters. You get exactly what you pay for here, and you pay much less than you would in many other mattress stores.



2118 N. Halsted St. (between Webster Avenue & Dickens Avenue)

(773) 327-6300

Cleanliness is important these days, as there are so many environmental toxins and pollutants floating around – especially in big cities like Chicago. Keeping your bedroom free of these toxins and chemicals is important, and that’s why Essentia is such a great choice.

Essentia beds are made with 100 percent natural material: 100 percent natural Indonesian hevea milk latex infused with plant oils and herbs, 100 percent natural memory foam (no bio-foam or soy-foam), 100 percent organic wool fireproofing and 100 percent cotton for the shell. It’s a chemical-free mattress, and it’s built to last.

With a 20-year warranty, you can see Essentia believes in the quality of their beds. The store is staffed with helpful personnel that will make the bed-selecting process a breeze, and you’ll find that their beds are a smart, long-lasting investment.

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