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A Revolution for News Websites

When we think of news media websites, we think of local news, global news, national news and everything that comes with those topics.  But what is it that actually comes with these websites?

The LION conference, (Local Independent Online News Publishers) focused on business and the media ecosystem for online news websites during the weekend of October 3, 2013.

Held at Columbia College Chicago’s Film Row, publishers of these online news websites collaborated.  From veterans to newcomers, ideas and conversation sparked during Joe Michaud’s “60 Ideas in 60 minutes” session.

Michaud, who started Portland-based news website MaineToday, was listening and providing additional advice to publishers. “One very important piece of advice for online news websites, big or small, is to only hire employees when need-be,” said Michaud.

With Michaud’s words in mind, conversations sparked among the publishers.

Doug Harding, another publisher, advised to avoid working with ad agencies. “Avoid agencies, and trust the value of your website,” said Harding.

Several other publishers agreed, suggesting that publishers consult with a lawyer if they choose to engage with ad agencies.

Breaking into this field of online media is not easy because of increased competition in online journalism. So, it’s important to get all the advice and tips you possibly can for your website.”Every community deserves their own news,” said Teresa Wippel, publisher of My Neighborhood News Network.

Social media has been the gateway for online news websites.  They tend to gain a lot of traffic with places like Facebook and Twitter. “You really have to be a multimedia expert now,” said Wippel.

If news websites need more social media or advice on agencies to work with, Michaud suggested journalists report what they see.

Michaud said he believes that in 20 years we will look back at online news and see it as somewhat chaotic.”There will probably be a whole new eco-system for online news,” said Michaud.

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