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Plagiarism Lion Conference


The concept of the book “Telling the Truth and Nothing But” is for journalist and people who write is to attribute everything especially in a time of fabrication. You want to also link back to were you got the information and to attribute that source. Don’t make something that is not yours your own.
Teresa talked about how plagiarism is happening more and how it is also being caught much easier today.
People are not looking at plagiarism as a bad thing since it is online people feel as if they do not need to give credit to that person since it is already online. When asked the question is it considered plagiarism if it is your work but you did it for another company and they did not quote you but used it later some years on. Teresa responded” No, because the words you said you were paid for and it is considered there property once it is in the company database.
Teresa closed her discussion with that fact that newspaper companies and even colleges are making their employees and students take a plagiarism quiz online before getting the job, and for students to know what is wrong with plagiarism

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