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Non-Profits, Tune-Up Your Tech via Chicago Cause 2013

Chicago Cause

Chicago Cause is an annual event to help non-profits throughout Chicago. There are so many worthy non-profits and charities throughout Chicago that have a huge heart and want to help as many residents in need of their services as possible. While they’re working long hours to help serve those in need, all too often these non-profits overlook their marketing needs. That’s where Chicago Cause comes to the rescue!

Chicago cause is a partnership between Orbit Media and 6 local businesses to provide marketing and web design help to Chicago non-profits. This year, we will be selecting three local charities to win one or more of the following prizes:

  • Website design + development from Orbit Media, valued at $20,000
  • Social media management from Lightspan Digital, valued at $3,200
  • PR consulting from Flanigan Communications, valued at $5,000
  • SEO + Content Strategy from Digital Third Coast, valued at $6,000
  • Video production from ShiftFocus Productions, valued at $10,000
  • Brand Strategy & Design from Seedhouse, valued at $20,000

That’s over $64,000 worth of prizes to help non-profits reach those in need of their services! You can learn more about Chicago Cause and the previous winners here.  In short, the goal of Chicago Cause is to help non-profits help more Chicagoans in need of their services. The partners involved with Chicago Cause are happy to give back to the community that has helped them grow. As George Zlatin of Digital Third Coast said, “We’re excited for Chicago Cause because it’s an opportunity to give back to the wonderful organizations that keep this city running.”

To be eligible to enter, a non-profit must meet the following criteria:

  1. You MUST have a Chicago mailing address
  2. Be a 501 (c)3 organization
  3. Demonstrate financial need for web and marketing services to better serve a philanthropic cause
  4. Have a desire to improve the Chicago community

If you meet the above criteria, then you should submit your application by Friday, September 27,2013.


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