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Murder at Chicago family party leaves mother searching for answers

(Photo courtesy of Krista Wortendyke)
Annette Cannon in her home on Chicago’s South Side. Since her son’s death in February Cannon has grown increasingly frustrated with police and suspicious of the people she thinks witnessed his killing.

Steven Cannon’s death, like his life, was surrounded by chaos.

When he was murdered, he was partying with a small group of lifelong family friends, but the evening ended with an alcohol-fueled brawl.  It’s been 8 months and his murder remains unsolved.

A ‘typical’ murder

In many ways the murder of Steven Cannon is typical of many killings in Chicago. Cannon was a black man under 35 who lived in a poor neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago and had gang ties and a criminal record. But family and friends say he was more than just a gang member. They describe Cannon as a nice person who got into some trouble but was also a loving son and father.

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