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Opinion: Has Corporate America Rushed to Judgment About Paula Deen

What is Lisa T. Jackson’s real motivation for accusing Paula Deen of racial discrimination and Deen’s brother Bobby Hiers, of sexual harassment? Lisa T. Jackson, who happens to be white and claims she is part black, said she sued on her behalf and other black employees who were being mistreated by Ms. Deen and her brother. Question, why aren’t the other blacks fending for themselves? Has Corporate America rushed to judgment about Paula?

English: Image of Paula Deen taken as part of ...
Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born in the South at the beginning of the “Great Depression,” I never heard of Paula Deen until I saw her on the TV Food Network one day. Her bio says she is a born-again Christian. I know from experience that some southern white people who used the N-word are not all bad people. Being truthful about using the N-word, Paula should not be branded as an insensitive bigot and racist.  In my opinion, Deen is not the racist portrayed by Lisa T. Jackson and the media.

Remembering when I came home from the Army… it was hard for me to stop cussin’ and saying M-F all the time.  It is difficult for some southern whites to adjust to sudden changes, but it does not mean they are bigots or racist. It means change is difficult for them. Like most, I think Paula Deen has become more aware of not using the N-word. Sometimes old habits die hard.

Understanding Corporate America… it’s all about the money and market share. When asked about using the n-word in the past, Paula told the truth. Why rush to judgment about Paula Deen just because Lisa T. Jackson filed a sexual harassment and discrimination suit against her. Is Corporate America judging Paula for telling the truth?


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