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Manifest Talent, Identity, Achievement and Celebrate

It is the end of the semester at Columbia College Chicago, and Friday is that yearly explosion of talent and fun: Manifest. View the video preview and then read the 5 reasons Manifest is the place to be on Friday.

1. “Manifest Destiny” (Be there or be square)

Columbia’s mission is, “to educate students who will communicate creatively and shape the public’s perceptions of issues and events.” And you are no part of Columbia’s own “manifest destiny” if you’re not there!

And this year, “the students are owning it!” says Mark Kelly, Vice President of Student Affairs for the school. Everyone in the college community is doing their part to put on the show.

2. Because, we’re all really not that different (Surprise: Media and Communication is an art!).

“Every art and media form that is known to mankind is going to be at Manifest… Columbia is the most important incubator of creative talent of any college in this country,” says Kelly. So for all my fellow student journalists skeptical of your place in a liberal arts school, you ARE a part of Manifest. Throughout the South Loop, students will take part of Manifest, showcasing 104 performances, exhibitions and presentations of the arts they’ve cultivated at Columbia.

3. Remembering Kevin Ambrose

Columbia College student, Kevin Ambrose, was killed last week only a few weeks before completing his first year at the school. The 19-year-old’s entire family was “a family embedded in Columbia,” according to Kelly. His mother graduated from Columbia and his grandmother worked for the school. The festival will commence with a moment of silence, that in some way will celebrate our fellow art student in a place that he won’t be able to be in the future.

4. Because you’re not weird, there’s just no one else like you Columbian

No matter what anyone says about art students, Mark Kelly says, “You’re a special breed.” “It’s a tough world out there, but passion and talent and a certain toughness can take you so far… there’s no promises… it’s tough to be a creative major. On the other hand, boy does the world need the talent that’s coming out of Columbia.”

5. And if that’s not enough for you…

Unwind from the semester by enjoying a live performance by Chance the Rapper and zipping through the south loop on a zip-line!

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