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All Aboard for Dating for Nerds Travel-Themed Party

Nerds@Heart 14Tell single life to hit the road with other brainy bachelors and bachelorettes at a travel-themed Dating for Nerds Friday, June 28 from 7-10 p.m. at Rebel Bar & Grill (3462 N. Clark St.).

Indulge your wanderlust during a Highway of Love icebreaker where guests map out geeky destinations.

Take a journey of the heart with other smart singles over board games and Hello World trivia featuring famous globe-trots.

Pack your bags with prizes like a Star Wars commuter mug, a Simpsons postcard set, and vintage Marvel luggage tags.

And, fuel up with drink specials like the Invisible Jet, the Mystery Machine, and the Hogwarts Express.

Online registration is required at
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