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Lincoln Square’s hidden gem: Rosley’s Rocks

Rosley’s Rocks and Gems is tucked away in Lincoln Square, a seemingly nondescript little shop on a quiet street. A passerby could easily miss the store; with its glass storefront and neon sign, it seems to be just another coffee shop or second-hand clothing store.

Entering Rosley's Rocks and Gems
The entrance to Rosley’s Rocks and Gems

Once inside, the store is anything but just another retail experience. Hundreds of different crystals cover the store’s shelves and tables, while gems hang from the ceiling, creating a wonderland of healing stones.

The store is owned and operated by Steven Rosley, 70, who says he is a strong believer and participant in crystal healing.

The atmosphere in the store is very friendly, as Rosley greets each customer who enters. Meanwhile, his small dog, Reynard, lies behind his desk.

“I believe the stones are here to help us to become whole,” he said.

In his shop, Rosley is practicing crystal healing, which goes back many centuries. American Indians, Egyptians and the ancient Tibetans used crystals as powerful healing tools. According to the healing theory, each crystal resonates at a specific frequency or vibration, and these vibrations are what heal humans when applied to their bodies. The crystals are said to have a variety of uses, from healing migraines to assisting in achieving personal goals.

The stones are placed on the body or near them. It is said that different crystals have different purposes, and believers say they can feel the results. Crystal healing is also related to chakras, or the areas of energy that are believed to be located on certain areas of the body. There are seven chakras: root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

Rosley said he began collecting crystals after the death of his father, who took up lapidary work after retirement. He said his dad left him and his brother over 500 pounds of stones and crystals. Rosley took some of the stones to a flea market and they sold, so he began making jewelry with the crystals.

According to Rosley, everything in the universe has energy, including the stones, which give off energy, and their colors give off vibrations that people are attracted to.

“If you have a stone with you, you’re going to get the energy. Wearing a stone next to your skin, you’re going to get the maximum energy,” he said.

Hear Mr. Rosley talk about his store:

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Even more crystals
Table of crystals

On a recent afternoon, Rosley wore three crystal bracelets. One was made of black tourmaline, which according to the store pamphlet, belongs to the first chakra. It is a powerful grounding stone that repels against negativity and protects the wearer.

Another stone Rosley said was important was rhodizite, which, according to his pamphlet, is the “master crystal.” It activates other stones and crystals to do the work that they are intended to do. It unlocks all blockages and activates any and all chakras.

A woman in the store, Carole Glauser, 47, from St. Louis, Mo., said she was shopping around and discussing a convention she was attending that weekend in Chicago. The convention was based around crystal healing.

Glauser wore chalcedony earrings, which are said to help with the expression of emotional needs and honesty and alleviates regret.

She also discussed her trip to Brazil with Rosley; they both visited and attended an event, John of God, which is where they met. John of God is considered to be the most powerful healer alive today, and Glauser went for two weeks to meditate. Rosley said he had some of his stones blessed while he attended.

More stones, categorized by name.
More stones, categorized by name.

“I do feel like they really help me when I wear them,” Glauser said. “There’s a lot of people who think that [crystal healing] is hogwash, but I think if you think it works, it does, and if you think it doesn’t, it’s not going to be for you!”

In the back corner of the store, there is a giant crystal skull, made of 67 pounds of crystal quartz. Rosley charges customers a few dollars to be in the presence of the skull because it is believed to have such a strong effect.

Rosley has over 128 different stones listed  on his website,

Infinite, or “the healers stone,” was another stone Rosley said was important. It is said to target anything negative in the body and reflect loving, angelic engery onto it. Infinite imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness.

“I believe, let go and let god. I think if I was going to put something on a band wagon, waving flags, I’d say what goes around comes around,” Rosley said. “Whatever you put out, you get back.”

A table of just a few crystals in the store
A table of just a few crystals in the store

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