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Company looking for help designing videogames that highlight tax inequities

evaders_smGuerilla game designers, here is your chance to show you skills and do it in time for April Fool’s Day.

Game-developers and/or graphic designers are needed to help create online videogames that challenges Wall St. banks, dirty energy companies, and telecom giants. Launch is scheduled for the window before Tax Day.

CONCEPT: classic Space Invaders game recreated as “Tax Evaders”.

DESCRIPTION: Each level player fights a new fleet of alien ships redone as corporate logos: Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, General Electric, Verizon, Exxon, Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.

Player has to defend the social safety net from austerity (schools, hospitals, social security) by blowing the corporations out of the sky first. (save grandma!)

Interstitials: time and budget permitting, there would be added (animated?) content and information between levels (facts about corporate tax dodgers? a giant fat head of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt that must be destroyed?)

Fun, dynamic gameplay, graphics and sound (something between Space Invaders and Galaga).

Playable on-line across multiple formats

We are looking for a person or team to pull it off with both humor and style.

DISTRIBUTION: We are working in collaboration with PR firm to launch and on-line orgs that have hundreds of thousands of members so distribution will be wide.

BUDGET: 4k total.

TIMELINE: Launch April 1.


– Coder

– Graphic Designer (to make cool stuff like this)

– Sound Designer

If interested, please contact friend of the Yes Lab Gan Golan ( with links to some of your work.


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