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DIY: Learn to Post Stories to Chicagotalks

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Any story you upload to Chicagotalks will automatically show you as the author. The posts are saved in a database along with the time and date they were published, the author or authors’ name(s), images and other media files. Each post is a story. It needs to have a HEADLINE. Write one that is descriptive and try to include a keyword that captures the main point of the story.

You can use Zemanta (look to the right where it says “Content Recommendations) to locate images and related articles to make your story more attractive to reader/viewer/users. Zemanta is a semantic content tool, so you should read a bit about it here. As you write at least 50 words, Zemanta will come up with link suggestions at the bottom of the post box. Instead of having to find, copy, and paste the links, you can just click on them and Zemanta adds them for you.

Next, you scroll below your post and find the TAGS for your story. You can add tags that Zemanta doesn’t suggest. Tags are hidden from human eyes, but they are what search engines look for when someone is looking for your story. If you write about a business in Chicago, for example, you will want to tag it “Chicago,” “Chicago business,” “local business,” and I’d add your name as a tag to help build your online reputation.

Then you choose a CATEGORY or categories – that’s like telling CT where your story fits in the Table of Contents of the site. You can start a story and work on it by saving it as a DRAFT. When you finish adding your media, etc. then change the status to “Send to Editor” and we will contact you if we need to, edit the story, and publish it.

To add any media simply go to the “Add Media” button above the post box and follow directions. Every story needs at least one photo or other image. You can add audio by using soundcloud or uploading any mp3.

Here is an audio clip from soundcloud:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

For video: upload it to, make it public, choose Share and copy just the URL from the Share box on youtube. Paste that in your story on a line by itself, and save the story. The video will show up when you preview the story or when it is published. Check out the interesting video about the future of news, EPIC 2015:

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