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Dating for Nerds Pi Day Celebration

things i wear daily ...
things i wear daily … (Photo credit: MichaelBmxking)

If your love life feels like squaring the circle, find a constant companion at this singles mixer.

Illustrates the dimensions required for squari...

Transcend rationality over board games and themed activities.

Intersect with other smarties in an Introductory Equations icebreaker where attendees learn about each other by solving simple questions like x + y = your perfect job.

Combine brains during Solve for X trivia where mathematical answers are derived from multi-genre trivia questions. (Think the number of Hercules’ labors plus the first Apollo moon landing.)

Zero in on prizes like a pi ice cube tray, a Japanese abacus and a personal pie maker.

Prime the pump with drink specials like Newton’s Caramel Apple Pi, Von Neumann’s Raspberry Pi, and Euler Family Secret Recipe Swiss Chocolate Pi.

Venue: Market Bar

Address: 1113 W. Randolph St.

Date: 7-10 p.m. Wednesday, March 13

This is not a free event, andrRegistration required:

Phone: 855-NERD-LOVE (855-637-3568)

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