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Time For Tech Notes: RebelMouse pulls your social network together

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Rebel Mouse, is a social publishing platform that allows for users to share their content in a similar way to the digital clipboard site Pinterest.

Users create their own “social page front” according to the website, by allowing RebelMouse to pull together or aggregate information tweeted, pinned, posted, and shared in various separate social media programs.

Currently the site is still in Beta version it is available on several popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+. Rebel Mouse users have the option of reserving their name desired name and is available for free. But businesses will pay a small service charge each month. See for details.


The site allows users to create a “digital newspaper”  that highlights posts they have made around the web via their social media accounts. RebelMouse pulls in the information and then automatically lays it out in a browser, in newspaper fashion, and organized in chronological order.

This latest form of social media seems to work ideally for journalist, news gathers, or people who wish to be connected in an alternative way compared to  scrolling through a lengthy Twitter timeline, or Pinterest board the user ca just look at the users latest posting.


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