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Halo 4 Midnight Release Draws Lines at Game Shops

One of the most anticipated games of the year, Halo 4 had people lined up and waiting in front of GameStop late night to pick up their copy.

“I actually was a PlayStation fan, but have always played Halo with all my friends. I preordered the game and the Halo 4 Special edition Xbox so I would be able to play this game,” said 22-year-old gamer Jon Bowman.

The new installment of the Halo 4 hopes to continue with the game’s popularity. 343 Industries bought the rights to the latest Halo game from Bungie.

Halo 4 continues the story of Master Chief as he attempts to defend the human race from an ancient evil.

With the new game out, many stores who sold the Halo game set records with the number of people who preordered the game. There were over 1 million copies preordered before the game’s release on Nov. 6.

This group had a choice between the special edition or basic version of the Halo game. The special edition, which is $40 more than the basic version, included nine more multiplayer maps and skins for peoples’ armor. The basic game included only more skins for peoples’ armor.

At some stores, computers crashed during the midnight release.

An employee who asked that her name not be used said: “It was crazy here, the line went out the door.” She works at the GameStop on Roosevelt Road in the South Loop.

“Unfortunately the computers went down and it took a while for us to get them back up to sell any copies,” she said.

This was a major problem for those in line and working in the store because those who had preordered the game had already paid for either part or all of it. This caused sales to stop completely; GameStop employees were unable to determine who had the game reserved. The paying customers were not able to buy games until the preorder customers had picked theirs up.

Many people such as Bowman had to go back to the store where they bought the game the following day so they would be able to get their codes to put into the game to get the special features they got from preordering the game.

Not all people in line at GameStop were there to get the game. Columbia College student Tim Gorski joined a few of his friends at the midnight release.

“Unfortunately the game is $60 and I can’t afford it right now. As soon as I get the money I will be getting the game, or I may just wait for Christmas,” Gorski said.

Many people said one of the main factors in deciding to get the new Halo game was they believed its multiplayer and online gaming was superior to any other game.

A few days after the game’s release people were very satisfied with the new game.

“This is the best game yet. I was disappointed after the past two games, but this has really brought me back into the series,” said Columbia College student Zack Mason.

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