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Get Local and Live News from WCRX and Share Your Thoughts with Chicagotalks

Chicagotalks has a widget so you can read our coverage and listen to WCRX reporters cover the election from the campaign offices and around the city and suburbs. There will be interviews with local political insiders. Our “Millenial” reporters will leverage mobile technology, social networking, and old-fashioned shoe leather reporting to bring Chicago’s “election-scape” into focus for you. Just click on the widget at Chicagotalks, or use our pop-up player. We’ve got the news you can use about Election 2012.

Columbia Chronicle stories are available too.

And in case you want to get involved, you can call in a story or comment. What was your voting experience like today? Have you got a hunch or prediction? You can call in news, or share an opinion with us tonight.

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