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How to add flickr slideshows is a photo hosting site. You can easily create a photo slideshow using images from, and post it as part of your story, or by itself, with a brief introduction. The steps are listed below, or you can watch the "how-to" video explanation . Please make sure you select images licensed by "creativecommons" to avoid copyright issues.

1. Post your photos to or do a search of to locate your set of images.

2. Use the "Add Something" tab to open a new page

3. Enter a title for the page

4. Click "Tables and Tools" > "HTML" to bring up the coding window

5. Copy & paste this code into the HTML window:

<object type="text/html" data="http://URL_FROM_FLICKR_SLIDESHOW_GOES_HERE" width="500" height="725"> </object>

6. Now copy the URL of the slideshow you created and paste it into the code in the HTML code window

7. Update the HTML code window

8. Choose "Categories" and check "New Story" so our editor will see your submission. Click other categories that identify your story.

9. Save the story.

You will be able to see your story whenever you are logged into Once the editor publishes your story, it will show up for anyone who visits the site. Questions? Contact


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