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Add Your Experience to CTA Station Watch Project

Check out the new website launched last week at It’s an experiment that

CTA Red Line
CTA Red Line (Photo credit: Steven Vance)

uses automated filters to pull and sort crowd-sourced information
about $200 million worth of construction activity on the North Red

The site was built pro-bono by Webitects coders Kobe Snyder and Nick
Rougeux and is managed by two long-time CTA watchers– urban issues
writer Patrick Barry and blogger Kevin O’Neil of CTA Tattler.

Kobe and Nick have worked out the start-up bugs and the site is
operating pretty nicely, but the creators would love to give it a workout by pulling
in more crowdsourced content, in particular tweets (using hashtags
like this: #morsecta, #loyolacta, #argylecta, etc, including photos)
and Facebook posts at (no tags
required, but photos encouraged).

There’s a group photo pool going at Flickr as well,, but so far the API
doesn’t want to cooperate. If anyone out there has experience with
this, please let Kobe know what the tricks are.

For those of you riding the Red Line or living up that way, please
contribute to the sites or pass the link on to someone who might. And
let us know what you think.

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