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Chicagoan Tim Pool Making an Online Impression with LiveStreaming “Timcast”


TV is the official channel for TimPool, covering technology and journalism. Stay tuned for updates from our friends around the world, interviews, and new technology. Tim was profiled along with Geoff Shively in this month’s New Yorker Magazine


Video streaming by Ustream

Tim Pool is a journalist whose unique style of interactive broadcast journalism exists at the intersection of social and mainstream media. His live coverage has been featured by news outlets such as Reuters, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera English. Pool engages viewers as participants by combining first hand reporting and commentary via live video stream and chat, allowing the viewing public to join in the action by directly asking questions, which he responds to while reporting live.


Use of embedded videos live or recorded free for internet use so long as videos are credited for

For Television use contact

Tim’s tweetstream in realtime:

[twitter-feed username="timcast" mode="public"]



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