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Pilsen Art Night Enlightens and Entertains Creative Neighborhood

Refurbished antique furniture, vintage heeled loafers, stilettos, strappy high heels, record players and records from the 1960’s and beyond—set the stage for what lies within the four walls of this thrift store.

from outside Deliciously Vintage
From outside Deliciously Vintage Event (Photo credit: opacity)

The Pilsen Vintage and Thrift takes part in the  2nd Friday Gallery Night, also called Art Night, where local artists showcase their work at the many galleries and shops located along 18th and Halsted streets.

“This is my fifth Art Night,” said Maxwell Lipman, 25, of Michigan, who went last month. “I come here to meet new people, to socialize, and to just enjoy a nice Friday night out with friends.”

Lipman, like others in attendance of the event heard about it through other galleries that participate in the 2nd Friday Gallery Night and also from posters at local coffee shops in the neighborhood.

There were about 40 people at the event that night that came to look at the racks of vintage dresses, antique trinkets, gadgets, and other knick-knacks that could be found in the back room of Pilsen Vintage and Thrift. The rented D.J. was spinning the classics as those in attendance of the event mingled with one another and enjoyed drinks on the house.

“This is a great event,” said Aaron Sykes, 21, of Chicago. “My favorite part is going back and forth between the two stores and having a nice drink while I sort through the racks of clothes or search for other cute accessories.”

Sykes is referring to the resale shop Knee Deep that sits across the street from Pilsen Vintage and Thrift.  As a regular Art Night attendee, he found it to be a great way to expand his Art Night experience.

The walls of Knee Deep were filled with sweaters with assorted patterns, an endless row of plaid shirts, colorful leather jackets and vintage dresses with patterns that would be seen in the 1950s.

“This is the place where people come to shop and drink,” said Ashley Litz, 23, of  Ohio.  “You never know what you might find, but it’s fun to just look for a while.”

Art Night attendees will find good conversation and maybe even that perfect pair of vintage cowboy boots.

“One thing is for sure,” said Britney Thomas, 21, of Chicago. “This is an artist community, and it welcomes people of all different backgrounds—Art Night is just one of those nights to get everyone together to enjoy the atmosphere.”

The next Art Night takes place on April 13 starting at 7 p.m.

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