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River Water Quality and You

Mother Jones recently reported on a national river water quality study:

” If you are a fly-fisher, a rafter, or heck, just a person who drinks water, here is some troubling news: Our waterways are in rough shape. An eye-opening new report from Environment America Research and Policy Center finds that industry dishcarged 226 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s rivers and streams in 2010.” via America’s Top 10 Most Polluted Waterways | Mother Jones.

We are happy to report that Chicago’s river did not make the top 10 polluted rivers list. Whew! The state of Illinois, however, sports two of the most polluted rivers: the Rock and the Illinois rivers.

What can you do as individual?

Browse the list of corporations that discharge toxic chemicals (for Illinoisians, that’s Tyson Foods in Joslin Il. and Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation).

Though the corporations are not violating the existing regulations about toxic discharges into public  bodies of water, maybe the regulations need to change. Even without regulation, we consumers are experiencing a new kind of influence via social media. Some corporations respond to questions or critiques raised in Facebook or Twitter.

Given that it is election season, you might contact your elected representatives at the State or Federal level. The internet makes that a snap–or actually an easy click— as long as you know your address.


from Mother Jones Top 10 Polluted Rivers


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