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Anti-Obama LaRouche Supporter Sees Republican Candidates as No Alternative

Anthony Defranco, LaRouche volunteer. Photo by Chloe Riley.

Anthony Defranco, 55. Volunteer for the LaRouche Political Action Committee. From Chicago, but is currently standing on the corner of 75thand Main St. in Downers Grove, Illinois, handing out flyers.

q. So what brings you out to this major intersection on an 85 degree day?

a. Mostly because we’re on the verge of World War III, which most people don’t realize right now. They’re plotting for a war, inch by inch, towards either Iran or Syria, both of which would be fake wars.

q. I can see by your sign that you’re anti-Obama, but which of the Republican candidates do you see as a good alternative?

a. They’re the four horseman of the apocalypse. There are no alternatives. Our idea is to get Obama out…and then that will create a scramble in the Democratic and Republican parties and then hopefully we can get a new policy.

q. Will you be voting today?

a. Usually I vote all the time, but I really didn’t see any reason to vote right now. The election is not going to solve the problem. We’re in a deep economic collapse and it’s getting worse.

q. “Impeach Obama is sort of a strong message. Do you have a strategy for winning over moderates with this message?

a. A lot of people see that we’re in a crisis already. In various ways, people know the country is in trouble. We’re just telling them that, if you get Obama out of the picture, that’s sort of like the first step. The other main policy we’re pushing is Glass-Steagall, which is a Roosevelt policy that separates the banks; Wall Street from the commercial banks. That’s very necessary, but Obama’s against it and the Republicans are against it.

q. Is LaRouche officially endorsing anyone?

a. No, they’re not. I mean, Ron Paul, at least he’s against the war and he’s against the Federal Reserve. But he’s a Libertarian, so he’s got no clue.

q. So what do you do when you’re not handing out flyers?

a. This is what I do.

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