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Social Justice Week at Chicago South Loop School


Invisible Children
Invisible Children (Image via

Jones College Prep held their School Council meeting Tuesday and discussed their upcoming social justice week.

The social justice week begins Mar. 19 and concludes Mar. 23.  It’s the first time Jones has had an entire week devoted to social justice.

“We are beginning a new program here at Jones called the social justice week,” said Silas Woods, a student on the Council.  “Basically, it’s a week centered around how to be a better citizen of the world through open discussions, movies and different activities.”

The week kicks off with an all-school assembly, where the students watch “Kony 2012” and then have a discussion with the organization Invisible Children.  The other 14 activities, including Non-Violent Protest Training and LGBT Ally Training and Panel Discussion, are before school, during lunch periods or after school.

Principal Dr. Joseph Powers said that Jones has done some events in the past dealing with social justice, but never an entire week.

“It’s the first time we have done a week like this,” said Powers.  “It came from the students and their sponsorship.”

Michael Fogel, a Jones parent and Vice Chairman of the Council,  said he was around during the times of Martin Luther King Jr., went to Vietnam and thinks this week is great for the students of Jones.

“I think it’s outstanding that we can teach our kids that they can make change happen and they can do it in non-violent ways by banding together, said Fogel.  “I think we should teach them that as early and young and often as possible.”

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