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South Loop School Braces for NATO Summit

Jones College Prep held their monthly School Council Meeting Tuesday and discussed the impact of the G8 and NATO Summits.

The G8 and NATO Summits coming to Chicago this spring made for some crucial decision making since the school is located in the South Loop, which is where the summits are to be held.

After the meeting it was announced the G8 is canceled, but NATO is still bringing many people from around the world to Chicago.

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Principal Dr. Joseph Powers spoke about security and getting to school during the summit.

“We have plans that we’re developing with CPS for additional security on our site, for alternative routes into the school campus,” said Powers. “I don’t anticipate any security issues on the campus itself.”

During the summit, three advanced placement tests and the school musical will be going on as scheduled.

Powers said students will take their exams at Jone’s counterpart Whitney Young, since students who are taking AP exams can’t arrive late and the summit might be noisy.

“The problem is going to be transportation in and out, so we’ll have some ideas to share with that in the near future,” said Powers.
Yvonne LaGrone, a parent on the Council, spoke about how she felt the school was handling the summit.

“I’m very impressed with the fact that Dr. Powers and the school are currently looking at what they anticipate and how they are planning to accommodate that,” said LaGrone. “However, I think that as we get closer to the date that there will hopefully be better in tell and better ideas of what is actually going to occur.”

Silas Woods, a student on the Council, wanted to remind people that the school is also looking at the positives of having the summit.

“We also look at the benefit and how fantastic it is that Jones is right in the heart of this,” said Woods.

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