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You Can Occupy the Dream

Join ABC to Occupy the Dream

“Occupy the Dream,” MLK event kicked-off a week of actions to draw attention to economic inequality between the 1% and the 99%.

The Association of Block Clubs participated in  IIRON’s Occupy the Dream: MLK Celebration on that took place on January 15th, at the People’s Church located in the Uptown Neighborhood.

Religious leaders from across Chicago in the struggle for social and economic justice are joined forces with local grassroots organizations and the Occupy Movement to call on elected officials to represent the economic interests of the 99%.

Community Leaders announced the week of actions, including:

  • Monday, Jan 16, 3 pm: Occupy the Dream Action at the Federal Reserve (Jackson/LaSalle).  The Metropolitan Chicago area African-American Faith Community and Trinity UCC to protest fraudulent foreclosures and astronomical student debt.
  • Tuesday, Jan 17 at 3:30 pm: Action demanding the adjustment of an underwater mortgage to fair market value at Bank of America, 135 S. LaSalle, Chicago followed by a march to IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office to demand withdrawal from the weak 50 state robo-signer settlement.
  • Wednesday, Jan 18, 9:30 am: Occupy the Gary Board of Works & Safety, Gary City Hall, 401 Broadway (Cleo Wesson Room) Gary, IN.
  • Thursday, Jan 19 at 4:30 pm: South Side occupation of home in foreclosure – Liberate the South Side Call for ABC at 773.359.6692 for details.

“We are organizing in the tradition of the Civil Rights movement,” says Reverend Dwight Gardner, a pastor from Dr. King’s own Progressive Baptist denomination and keynote speaker.  “In Dr. King’s very last sermon, he warned us not to sleep through a time of great change like Rip Van Winkle. This is a moment of great change and we must put our souls in motion to occupy his dream”.

For More Information Please Call the Association of Block Clubs at 773.359.6692

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