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Wondering about the utility of Twittering?

Several mobile phones
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A mobile telephony expert will take you on the mobile tweetup, as he explains here. So, is this just moblogging in a new guise? I don’t think so. It is often necessary to experiment with new technologies, to “play with them” in effect, in order to understand the capabilities of the new tool. I think that is what is happening here. For reporters, this would be a good shoeleather experience, and maybe a story.

Isn’t geotracking weird and perhaps a bit creepy?
A: Depends. It may save your life someday.

Check out the mobile tweetup this Saturday:

I’m hosting a Mobile Tweetup Event in Chicago on Saturday March 28, around 7PM. What is a mobile tweetup? Basically on that date, you follow me using one or more of the methods below. I’ll end up at a secret location by a certain time and if you meet me there, we can all have a drink and good time together!

via Chicago Mobile Tweetup ‎(chimotweetup)‎.

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