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Will the Cloud Unify the Occupy Movement or Just Sap its Energy?


Occupy Chicago. October.2011
Image by andendquote via Flickr

Daniel B. Wood investigates the Occupy movement and whether a filmmaking website will unify or simply “facebookize” the movement in the Christian Science Monitor. The site,, enables anyone to  place their own content on a ‘cloud’ server. Any of the local Occupy Wall Street encampments can create a universal video, audio, and image database from shared media as well as their own,   to create individual messages. We have a link or go to the site itself to create or check out this citizen sourced media. where activists have placed 17 pages (so far) of stamp-sized, clickable links, each taking the user to videos, images, or audio uploaded by participants. Some are of live demonstrations in New York or Los Angeles, others are personalized messages of solidarity by random supporters (or celebrities such as Deepak Chopra), others are merely photographs of protesters having fun.



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