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Residents Reluctant to Accept Speed Cameras

Traffic Enforcement Cameras
Traffic camera. Image by katmeresin via Flickr

Some Chicago residents are not buying what Mayor Rahm Emanuel said  about the reasons behind installing  new speed cameras in Chicago.

Mayor Emanuel said that the plan to install speed cameras near school zones are to increase child safety. The Mayor downplayed claims that the cameras are all about the money.

Some Chicago residents insist that there are other reasons for putting in the speed cameras, like aiming to  generate revenue for the city.

These residents gave their take on the plan, which was first reported the week of Nov. 7, in man-on-the-street interviews around the city of Chicago.

“They’re politicans, they’re going to tell you whatever they’re going to tell you,” said Felix Marquez, a cellular phone salesman.

One citizen was more direct in his questioning.

“I mean, isn’t everything about the money?” asked student Jose Munoz.

The fine for an offense would be $50-$100 depending on the driver’s speed in the special zone. The large amount of the fine has caused some residents to become frustrated at what they perceive is a waster of taxpayer money.

“One, it’s paying more tickets,” said Tony Williams, a store clerk. “Two it’s more tax dollars, that we’re already spending on that I feel is unnecessary. They already have the police force doing what they’re doing now. Now you’re giving them more reason just to add more money to the debt we have.”

Not everybody is opposed to the idea, however.

“I believe it’s for the kids,” said Juan Tamayo. “It will help the city out of course but it will also prevent accidents from kids being hit. I think it’s good. That way they’ll be able to catch people that are speeding by when the children are walking around.”

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