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Occupy the Hood Strikes Back at Worst Food Desert in Chicago

This story is from YRC Region 6 Community Council: Worst Food Desert In Chicago Strikes Back. Check their site for the full story and updates. Here is an update from November 14th, which was the 4th day of Occupy Altgeld Gardens:

 Update on OCCUPY ALTGELD – Day 4

“We have turned around about 300 cars from shopping with Rosebud Farm and we have stopped about 50 walk-insfrom shopping at Rosebud Farm.”

This is a protest of the Rosebud Farm near the Altgeld Gardens Public Housing Community at about 500 East 130th Street in Chicago, Illinois. The current merchants in Rosebud Farm take advantage of a community described as the worst food desert in Chicago. The current Rosebud Farm store also services the residents of Golden Gate, Concordia Park, Riverdale, Dolton and Roseland. The current Rosebud Farm merchants lease the building from the Corporate Rosebud Farm who are housed in Indiana. Rosebud Farm products are sold in major food stores such as Jewels, Dominicks, the now closed Moo & Oink, Pete’s, Ultra etc.

Rose Bud Farm Store outside Altgeld Gardens
Rose Bud Farm Store outside Altgeld Gardens

The Occupy Altgeld Gardens major strategy is to peaceably turn around shoppers from shopping at the store. This includes providing transportation to people who walked up and had no transportation to go elsewhere.

A woman who disregarded the protest and shopped at Rosebud Farm was upset after she saw what she paid to shop at the store and she showed the protesters the receipt for the groceries, which included 1 roll of toilet paper for $1.53, 1 gallon vitamin D milk 4.99, 1 jar salad dressing 7.99, a ham butt $30, 1 small pot roast $15, etc.”

via YRC Region 6 Community Council: Worst Food Desert In Chicago Strikes Back.

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