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Singles “Sense” the Love at Nerd’s at Heart Nerd Fest V

Follow your senses as well as your heart along with other brainy hetero and queer singles at Nerds at Heart’s fifth anniversary Nerd Fest V, the annual  bash runs from 4-7 p.m. on Nov. 6 at The Frontier (1072 N. Milwaukee Ave.).

In honor of the quinquennial, the format is a “five senses” trivia night. Flirt over factoids with other unattached smarties and use your faculties to solve the questions.

Attendees at the prize table
Event attendees scope out the famous prize table at a previous Nerds at Heart dating event.

How it works: Clues come in the form of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell with a round dedicated to each sensation. Plus, use your sixth sense in a bonus session devoted to intuition.

Highlights include a video quiz by local filmmaker Collin Souter (“Break Up Date and “March April”), tactile prompts from American Science and Surplus, an audio challenge and a scratch and sniff round.

Questions are moderate-level and cover a variety of topics. Each round, the winners score prizes and all attendees get the chance to win a giveaway inspired by the subject matter.

Guests receive numbered tags indicating their gender preference then the teams are determined by orientation. Meet other singletons by rotating tables and forming new teams every round.

Includes a cocktail and a nerd bingo icebreaker activity. We say thanks with a special discounted admission. Check the site for details. Registration is required, so sign up now at

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