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Get Out of Your Workout Rut

It’s 6 a.m. and the alarm clock sounds, ruining a perfect dream.

Groggy eyed, you stumble into the bathroom. It’s the same old morning routine followed by the same old workout: run a mile and pump some iron, as you have every morning for the last 2 years with minimal results.

If you’re sick of working out with nothing to show for it, don’t despair.  Switch up that ancient routine with these fun workouts.

Piloxing at Solao, 1616 N. Western Ave.  (773)-235-7500

  • What it is: In this workout, you alternate between standing Pilates, boxing and dance. You wear half-pound gloves while working out and moving to the beat.
  • Benefits: Cardiovascular endurance, core training, muscle toning, and balance. In addition, it empowers women and helps them realize they are sexy, confident, powerful and graceful, says instructor Tonia Fisher.
  • Skill level: Intermediate with intervals that vary in difficulty.
  • Fans say: “I like that you’re able to blend three different styles in one,” says Piloxer Cari Garcia. “It structures and tones your body while you are having fun dancing.”

Drums Alive at Sanavita Studio, 1357 W. Grand Ave. (312)-829-8482

  • What it is: Traditional aerobic movements done to powerful drum rhythms. You use drum sticks to beat a stability ball for an intense upper body workout.
  • Benefits: Improved coordination, balance, cardiovascular strength, and burning calories.
  • Skill level: Beginners welcome. You can modify this workout to make it more challenging.
  • Fans say: “It gives you cardio that doesn’t just use you legs, like running, but it uses your arms,” says Julia Pelter of her Drums Alive class. “Plus, you get to feel like a drummer or rockstar.”

Yamuna Body Rolling, also at Sanavita Studio

  • What it is: You lay on a six to -ten-inch ball and roll on it, stretching and elongating  your muscles. Named after Yamuna Zake, who originated the method, the workout works specific muscles in detail.
  • Benefits: Increased strength, range of motion and blood flow. By loosening chronically tight muscles, it also helps eliminate tension and pain.
  • Skill level: Beginners and up.
  • Fans say:  “I like the class because it builds strength in muscles I don’t normally use and improves balance,” says Yamana enthusiast Loretta Pierson,. “It tones and stretches several areas of the body in one exercise.”

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